Lamba plantation group is situated same 60km from Kitwe town and approximately 42km from Kalulushi district. The Plantation has an establishment coverage area of 5,987ha comprising of 4,018ha and 1,969ha of Pine and Eucalyptus species respectively.

The setup is in two blocks (Tunga and Mwelushi) which are located some 3.5km from the office under Chief Mukutuma’s jurisdiction area and Mwelushi block about 34km away from the control office under Chief Lumpuma’s jurisdiction.

In line with sustainable Forestry Management System, the station carries out replanting operations in all clear felled (harvested) compartments each year. All silviculture activities like weeding, pruning and thinning are done accordingly. Further, forestry protection is practiced with regard to fires, insect attacks, disease and human intrusions.