In line with the governments’ effort to fulfill the 7th National Development Plan by establishing exotic plantations in all the provinces of Zambia, North Western province became the fouth province where ZAFFICO PLC has established plantations apart from Muchinga Province, Northern Province and Luapula Province under the expansion programme.

The north western plantation groups are located in two districts namely; Kalumbila and Mushindamo. Kalumbila plantation is about 70km from Solwezi town situated in His Royal Highness (HRH) Chief Matebo area in Kalumbila district.

Mushindamo plantation is about 65km from Solwezi town situated in His Royal Highness Chief Kalilele area in Mushindamo district. The total land which has been secured is 200ha. Plans are underway to secure more land for further expansion of plantations in both districts.


The operations at Kalumbila Plantation commenced in September, 2019. A total of 250ha was planted was planted by the end of 2020 covering 325,000 pine trees. Land preparation activities targeting to plant 200ha in 2021 have already commenced.

Operations at Mushindamo Plantation commenced in March 2020. A total of 200ha was planted in December the same year with a total number of 22,100 eucalyptus trees and 237,900 pine trees.

Apart from the mining industry, plantation establishment being under taken in north western province will be the second major economic activity in the near future.
In Mushindamo district, ZAFFICO is the major employer. At the pick of operations, not less than 600 seasonal employees are engaged to undertake various plantation operation with earnings above the minimum wage of monthly income. This has contributed to improvement of the livelihood of most households in the province and general economic status of the province. More jobs are expected to be created as the planted area increase year after year.