ZAFFICO Plc’s Nakonde Plantation is a part of the Muchinga Group of Plantations (other plantations being Kasama/Nkole Mfumu and Shiwang’andu) with head offices located at Shiwang’andu Plantation. Its establishment in 2018/2019 planting season was part of the Corporation’s 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan, a programme aimed at rolling out forest expansion from the Copperbelt Province to other regions of Zambia.

The Plantation is located in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province. about 6km west of Nakonde district town centre, along Nakonde- Mbala road; 2km off Great North road. It is situated in Her Royal Highness Chieftainess Waitwika of the Namwanga speaking people. The plantations is a gazetted forest area extending 400ha.


The operations at Nakonde plantations commenced in September 2018. A total of 400ha were planted by the end of 2019/2020 season. No further expansions have been recorded due to land shortage. Current operations include fire pre-suppression measures (e.g. manual weeding, mechanical weeding), plantation protection, fire monitoring among others.

The Plantation is the only industrial scale agroforestry project in the district employing about 120 seasonal employees undertaking various silvicultural operations. At peak of operations the Corporation employed about 360 employees.

The presence of the Corporation in Nakonde district has brought significant social-economic benefits. The improvement of household income has immensely contributed to improved livelihoods from household levels and the general economic status of the district.