ZAFFICO is implementing its Strategic Plan for the period 2020 to 2024. The Plan maps out and communicates the aspirational goals of the Corporation to its stakeholders in line with our vision of being “a leading supplier of quality Forest and Agroforestry products in the region.” We recognise that achieving our set targets requires commitment across all levels.

The Board, Management and Staff of the Corporation commit themselves to the following values and ethos that will govern their behaviour in discharging its mandate. The Corporation’s Value system is underpinned by the slogan “TIMBER“;

Team work.  

We cooperate with each other and work to the best of our abilities, despite any personal conflict that may arise between individuals, to foster unity of purpose.


We put ZAFFICO’s obligations above our personal interests and conduct ourselves in a manner that is beyond reproach.


We are a self-driven work force determined to deliver quality goods and services to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

Business Focus

We recognise our obligation to create value for our shareholders and we operate as a business entity.

Environmentally Friendliness

We are committed to implementing and demonstrating environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our business.


We commit to meeting the expectations of our key stakeholders.