The Kasama Plantation Group is the third commercial exotic Plantation to be established by ZAFFICO PLC outside the Copperbelt Province. This followed the establishment of Plantations in Kawambwa district of Luapula Province and Shiwang’andu district of Muchinga Province.

The Kasama Plantation is situated in Kasama district of Northern Province in two chiefdoms where the Corporation has planted the total net area of 1,000ha out of the 1,500ha available land as of 2020/2021 planting season.
The 855ha is located about 5km away from Kasama town centre along the Kasama Mbala Road of Northern Province and the area is under His Loyal Highness the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people. The remaining 145ha is located 50km away from Kasama town centre along Kasama Mpika Road and the area is under His Loyal Highness Chief Nkolemfumu of Kasama district.


The operations at Kasama Plantation Group commenced on 11th September, 2018. Out of the planted 1,000ha, about 86.3% (863ha) is planted with pine while eucalyptus only accounts for 13.7% (137ha). Land preparation has commenced for 200 hectares that will be planted during the 2021/2022 planting season.

The Kasama Plantation group is one of the large scale projects implemented in Kasama district and one of the major economic activities and employer in the area. From the time the Plantation was established in September, 2018, about 320 season employees have been employed to carry out various Plantation activities which has contributed to the improvement of the livelihoods of most households in the district and general economic status of the district.