In line with one of our core values of being environmentally friendly, the Corporation continued to provide sustainable innovations of establishing forest plantations. The Corporation has collaborated with the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in establishing forest plantations in degraded forest reserves to contribute towards mitigating the impact of climate change. Forest plantations have been established in degraded forest reserves in Kasama and Nakonde of Northern and Muchinga Provinces respectively.

Further, the Corporation has been implementing a sustainable method of planting called “pit-planting.” This method of planting ensures minimal disturbance of the natural environment thereby ensuring the preservation of the natural ecosystem while at the same time preventing soil erosion.

Additionally, the Corporation has been working with various schools in our areas of operations in promoting tree planting as a way of imparting knowledge of appreciating the importance of trees to climate change mitigation.

The Corporation will continue to adhere to environmental requirements relating to the establishment of new plantations.