Acting MDManagementExecutive

Mr. Mutale joined ZAFFICO on 12th July, 2021 as Director of Special Projects. In September, 2021 The Board of Directors appointed Mr. Mutale to act as Managing Director for administrative convenience. He holds a Master’s Degree in Development Finance from Stellenbosch University (Cape Town); a BSc. (Hons) Economics from University of Zimbabwe and BSc. in Forestry from Copperbelt University (Kitwe). He is a member of the Institute of Directors of Zambia (IoDZ) and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Development Finance (CIDEF). He is also a Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional (Strategic Planning) from Washington University College of Professional Studies.

Mr. Mutale has over 18 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining ZAFFICO, he worked for the National Council for Construction (NCC) as head of Business Development. Other institutions he has worked for include the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission; Ministry of Agriculture and Wood Processing Industries of Ndola.