Chati plantation is the second largest plantation group with a gross area of 16,000 hectares and a net area of 12500 hectares. The group is found in three districts namely kalulushi, chingola and Lufwanyama and is located approximatelly 40 km from kalulushi town and 20 km from Lufwanyama district.
Chati has the largest stock of eucalyptus among the four Zaffico Plantation groups. The hectare for eucalyptus is about 6,250 representing 50% and is comprised of eucalyptus with grandis and cloziana species being the most dominant while 49. 2% or 6150 hectares consist of pine mostly dominated by kesiya.
Approximatelly 1900 hectares comprises of young stands i.e. trees less than 6 years old.The current capacity of the nursery is 250 beds translating into a nursery of 0.8 hectares.

The major round wood customers in Chati are Copperbelt Forestry Company (CFC), Kitwe wood and log and Lufwanyama Enterprises.