Ndola Plantation Group lies to the West and North of Ndola town, extending up to Kanfinsa along the Ndola/Kitwe dual carriage way and to the North along the Mufulira road and the Democratic Republic of Congo border. Ndola Plantation Group is ZAFFICO’s largest Plantation group with a gross Plantation area of 20,531.8 and a net area of 18, 487 Ha (Forest Plantation Management Plan, 2009-2014).

The main species in Ndola Plantation Group is Pine which covers a net area of 14,631 hectares. Others species are Eucalyptus and G. aborea which covers a net area of 215 hectares and 89 hectares respectively. About 2, 622 hectares is an open area to be replanted by the year 2014.Ndola Plantation Groups intensive replanting program began in 2004. Today the Group has over 5000 hectares under young stands.
Ndola Plantation Group has two nurseries which are Dola Hill and Mishishi Nurseries. The Dola Hill nursery has a total area of 2.6 Ha and it has a capacity of 2,730,000 seedlings while Mishishi nursery has a total area of 1.2 Ha and a capacity of 2,520,000 seedlings.
Ndola Plantation is headed by the Plantation Manager, under him are 68 permanent employees and about 737 casual workers to carry out various plantation activities.